Power Generation

Electric Power: delivering power to people

For over 80 years, Perkins has worked with generator set manufacturers to bring light, warmth, protection and of course peace of mind to thousands of people.  Perhaps you need an engine to operate in a harsh environment or under strenuous conditions.  Maybe it will only ever be used in an emergency.  But whether running every day or once a year, you can count on our world-class people to create the innovative, efficient and reliable solutions whatever your application.


1700 Series

The 1700 Series of engines takes Perkins industrial offering into a new power bracket, giving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) the opportunity to extend the use of our engines across their range. The series offers excellent power density, allowing customers to downsize and save money, low cost of installation and ownership, and robust and reliable performance. Packed with advanced engine technologies, the series is designed to meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards – and is also EU Stage V capable.
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1700 Series