Training and development is simply defined as ‘the formal, ongoing efforts that are made within an organization to improve the performance of its employees’ and extended arms. Training and development can also be described as ‘an educational process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining more knowledge to enhance performance and productivity.

Training and development leads to improved profitability and positive attitudes towards profit orientation, it also aids in organizational development i.e. organization gets more effective decision making and problem solving. OEM manpower skill improvement remain a part of our program focus and various ‘Training & Development’programs are being conducted on Perkins 4000 & 2000 series engines at Powerpart’s fully equipped facility located in Gurgaon center. Such trainng courses are delivered througout the  year.

Recently conducted training program was 4000 Series OEMD Diesel Engine & 2000 Series Level 1 Training for Supernova Engineers and  Captiva Energy solutions 


WORKSHOP PRACTICAL SESSION.                                              CLASSROOM SESSION                     

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