Targeting Service Excellence - Internal Training on Safety and PLMS


Our District Trainer R.K Saini had a busy month when we restarted training after the lockdown in August for new recruits on PLMS and delivered a Safety training pack specially developed showing practical expamples of dangers in the field and what we should be aware about.

The Safety Training pack consisted of :

Ø  Define Safety Goal

Ø  Powerparts - H&S Policy & Guidelines

Ø  What is the Coronavirus 19, Symptoms and Protections?

Ø  Awareness: How to stop the transmission of COVID-19

Ø  Work, machines Safety and guidelines

Ø  Machine Hazards

Ø  High pressure fluid ejection Hazards-Pressure

Ø  Machine Safety

Ø  Operational Safety – Manual Lifting Techniques

Ø  Workshop Overhead Crane

Ø  Inspection Requirement before operation

Ø  Safe operation

Ø  Fire Safety and Evacuation

Ø  Safe stacking and Storage 



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